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제목 2015년 국제학술대회
작성자 관리자 조회수 2809 작성일 2015.08.01

제3회 한중일 여성사 학술회의

(International Symposium on Women’s Gender History in East Asian)
장 소: 중국 상하이(上海) 푸단대학교(?旦大學校)
주 제: Gender and War in East Asia
발 표: 박주, 강정숙, 김성은

<2015년 12월 20일 일정>
[Mobilization and Women’s Movement] 사회자: 程郁

발표 1 “Fifteen Years’ War since 1931 and Women’s Movement”
Shizue Ishizuki

발표 2 “the New Direction of Women’s Movementduring the Anti-Japanese War: CCP’s

‘Decision in 1943’”
Zhou Lei

발표 3 “Korean Women’s Independence Movement in China during the war,

Kim Sung Eun

발표 4 “The “Women’s Cooperative Movement” From the Perspective of Media

Hou Jie, Zhao Tianlu

[Sexuality and War] 사회자: 金成恩
발표 5 “The war and gender seen through the related terms of Japanese military sex

Kang Jeongsook

발표 6 “Mobilizing Sexuality under the Total War”
Noriyo Hayakawa

발표 7 “the Discourse of “weianfu”in Chinese Mass Media“
Song Shaopeng

[Image, Medical Relieve and Love] 사회자: 宓瑞新
발표 8 “Women Poster Images during the Anti-Japanese War”
Yao Fei

발표 9 “Mobilization of Anti-Japanese War and Gendering Practice: Women’s

Participation in Medical Aid during the Anti-Japanese War”
Zhao Jing

발표 10 “Marriage and Love of Xinjiang Women Who Support the Frontier Area”
Wang Ying

<2015년 12월 21일 일정>

[Women, Feminism and Nationalism] 사회자: 早川?代
발표 11 “Women’s Organization of Patriots and its popularization during the 1930’s”
Naoko Inoue

발표 12 “the Virtuous Women and the Bought-back Women during and after the

Invasion of the Qing Dynasty”
Park Joo

발표 13 “When Feminism Meets With Nationalism: NV Sheng (1932-1947)”
Chen Yan

Closing ceremony

◈ 글로벌 시대 한국적 가치와 문명 연구 국제학술회의
주제 : “20세기 초 태평양을 건넌 한국 여성들"
(한국 근대 미주 지역 여성 이주 및 유학 연구 )

일시: 2015년 9월 25일(금) 08:30-15:30
장소: East-West Center Conference Room 1601 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii

주최: 한국학중앙연구원, 하와이대 한국학연구센터(CKS of Hawaii University at Manoa),

후원: 한국학중앙연구원

개회사 및 축사

개회사: 김성은 (한국학중앙연구원 프로젝트 매니저, 대구한의대학교)
축사: R. Andrew Sutton (SPAS 학과장, 하와이대학교)
축사: 이상협 (CKS 소장, 하와이대학교)

1사회: Edward Shultz (명예교수, 역사과, 하와이대학교)

Country-less Identity: A Korean Woman in postwar Japan and Koreans in Prewar Hawaii
발표: 리화 ( 타마예술대학교) 토론: 박영아 (아시아학, 하와이대학교)

한국 개화기일제강점기 여성 교훈서의 출판과 전통 가치의 재창출
발표: 정해은 (한국학중앙연구원) 토론: 이혜련 (커뮤니케이션학, 하와이대학교)

두 이화학당 졸업생의 하와이 이민 생활: 전수산과 이정송
발표: 이덕희 (하와이한인이민연구소) 토론: 홍승혜 (사회사업학, 하와이대학교)

한인 사진신부와 일본 사진신부의 특성 비교
발표 :김지원(역사학, 명지대학교) 토론 이연주(사회학, 하와이대학교)

2부 사회: 백태웅 (법학, 하와이대학교)

미국에 정착한 초기 재미 한인 여성 유학생 연구
발표: 김점숙 (역사학, 명지대학교) 토론: 김범중 (사회사업학, 하와이대학교)

192050년대 미국 유학 여성 지식인의 대외활동과 세계 인식
발표: 김성은 (역사학, 대구한의대학교) 토론: 구해근 (사회학, 하와이대학교)

종합 토론

폐회사: 김점숙 (한국여성사학회 대외협력이사, 명지대학교)


(International Federation for Research in Women’s History)
장 소: 중국 제남

일시 : 2015년 8월 27일(목) - 28일(금)

Thursday 27 August: 2:00-2:30 PM, Room 1, large room
Clare Midgley (President) and Uma Chakravarti (Vice-President)


ROUND TABLE: Women’s History at the Cutting Edge (part 2, continuation of RT 15)
Thursday 27 August: 2:30-4:30 PM, Room 1
Organizers: Karen Offen (Stanford University and CISH Bureau) & Chen Yan (Fudan University)
- Joanna de Groot (University of York)
- Catherine Carstairs with Nancy Janovicek (University of Guelph ; University of Calgary)
- Maria Bucur-Deckard (Indiana University)
- Marianna Muravyeva ( Oxford Brookes University)

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Thursday 27 August: 2:30-3:30 PM, Room 2
Panel 1: Modernity, Post Modernity and the Pre-history of Transnational Feminism
Chair and discussant: Ian Tyrrell (University of New South Wales)
- Ellen DuBois & Vinay Lal (UCLA): Indian Nationalist Feminism 1935-1945 and the Reversal of the International gaze: The case of Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya
- Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney): From the league to the UN: Transnational feminism and the dilemmas of modernity

SUB-THEME A: Resistant Subjectivities
Thursday 27 August, 3.30-5.00 PM, Room 2
Panel 1: Eleanor Hinder and the East: An Australian Internationalist and Activists in Inter-war China and Japan
- Sarah Paddle (Deakin University, Victoria): Eleanor Hinder and the Rights of the ‘Chinese woman’ at Work: against an emerging political voice of ‘the women of China’
- Sophie Loy-Wilson (Deakin University, Victoria): The ‘Save China’ campaign: Eleanor Hinder’s response to Japanese imperialism in China
- Fiona Paisley (Griffith University, Queensland): Debating the Machine Age: Eleanor Hinder at the Institute of Pacific Relations in Kyoto, Japan, 1929

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Thursday 27 August, 2.30-4.30 PM, Room 3
Panel 2: Transnational Border Subjects
- Misako Kunihara (Tokyo Women’s Christian University): Woman in East Asian International relations in the 15th and 16th centuries
- Ayse Ebru Akcasu (SOAS, University of London): Transcending Borders, Negotiating Identities: The experience of the emigr? woman in Hamidian Istanbul., 1876-1909
- Alexander Petrov and Dawn Lea Black (Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences; University of Alaska): Natalia Shelikova: An early modern woman, de facto governor of Russian Alaska 1795-1797
- Carolyn Eichner (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee): Amending Tales & Abating Inequities: French feminist reworkings of traditional Kanak legends in the late 19th century

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Thursday 27 August, 2.30-4.00 PM, Room 4
Panel 3: Modernizing Women: Socialist Women’s Perspectives and Struggles
- Francisca de Haan (Central European University, Budapest): The WIDF and Soviet Women as Global Models of Modern Liberated Womanhood, 1940s through 1960s
- Katharine McGregor (Melbourne University): Rethinking the History of Indonesian Women: Gerwani and the articulation of alternative socialist modernities from the 1940s through 1960s
- Wang Zheng (University of Michigan): The All China Women’s Federation in 1964: socialist state feminists’ dilemmas in the context of the Sino-Soviet break-up

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Thursday 27 August, 4.00-5.00 PM, Room 4
Panel 4: Women’s Movements and Human Rights: Local Roots and Transnational Frameworks
Chair: Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney)
Discussant: Jocelyn Olcott (Duke University)
- Kathryn Kish Sklar (State University of New York, Binghamton): “Women’s Human Rights”: A history of the concept in American Feminism1830-1995
- Temma Kaplan (Rutgers University): Water Rights and Women’s Social Movements, Globally Considered 1970-2015

Thursday 27 August, 2.30-4.00 PM, Room 5
Panel 5: Religion, Cosmopolitanism and Modernity
- Clare Midgley (Sheffield Hallam University) : Liberal Religion, Cosmopolitanism and the Making of Modern Feminisms
- Jane Haggis (Flinders University, Adelaide): Women’s Web of Cosmopolitan Amity: Interfaith, cross cultural, and transnational friendship networks on the cusp of empire: three case studies
- Margaret Allen (University of Adelaide): ‘The Meeting of So Many Nationalities with Such Earnestness of Purpose’

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Thursday 27 August, 4.00-5.00 PM, Room 5
Panel 6: Women Between Tradition and Modernity
- Kumkum Sangari (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee): Becoming Modern: Between India and England
- Asha Isam Nayeem (Dhakha University): Did the Women of Bengal not have a Childhood? A study of colonialism, education and the evolution of the girl child in Bengal

Thursday 27 August 5.00 PM

Friday 28 AUGUST

Friday 28 August, 9.00-12.00 AM, Room 1
Panel 7: Modernity, Working-Class Women & Social Welfare
- Priyanka Srivastava (University of Massachusetts, Amherst): Working-Class Mothers and Medical Modernities in Colonial Bombay
- Patricia Ysabel Wong (Ateneo de Manila University): Educating Women, Educating the Nation: the gendering of hygiene and sanitation education in Manila, 1900s-1930s
- Eloisa Betti (University of Bologna): Creating a New Modernity for Italian Women: Labour rights and welfare services in the Golden Age (1945-1975): The role of the Union of Italian Women (UDI)
- Jane Berger (Moravian College, Pennsylvania): Women and Post Colonial Welfare States: Exploring global trends
- Ute Chamberlin (Western Illinois University): Testing the Limits of Womens’ Work: Women in the mining industries of the Ruhr during the Great War

SUB-THEME B: Small/Recently Uncovered Archives
Friday 28 August, 9.00-12.00 AM, Room 2
Panel 1: Retrieving Lost Histories
- Mahua Sarkar (Binghamton University, SUNY): The Practice of Memory as Alternate Archiving: using oral histories to capture the everyday experiences of Hindu-Muslim Women in the context of social reform in late colonial urban Bengal
- Hemjyoti Medhi (Tezpur University): Where is the Archive? Women’s public performances and the collective of the Mahila Samiti in Assam
- Yuthika Misra (Vivekananda College, University of Delhi): Women’s Rights and the Archive of the All India Women’s Conference
- Isobelle Barrett Mayering (University of New South Wales): Beyond the ‘South Eastern Axis’: Retrieving a national history of Australian women’s and children’s liberation (1969-1979)
- Joszef Borocz (Rutgers University): An Archive Thrown Away: Fragments of a ballet dancer’s life

SUB-THEME A: Resistant Subjectivities
Friday 28 August, 9.00-12.00 AM, Room 3
Panel 2: Racial and Gender Justice
- Dianne Bartlow (California State University): Maria Miller Stewart: African American anti-slavery activism
- Gwen Jordan (University of Illinois): Building Our World: Edith Sampson and the power of transnational coalitions of Women of Colour during the Cold War
- Kennan Ferguson ( University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): Feminism and freedom
- Choonib Lee (State University of New York at Stony Brook): Fashioning Revolutionary Women: Black Panthers and the Third World during the late 196os and early 1970s

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 9.00-12.00 AM, Room 4
Panel 8: Women and Modernity Revisited: Northern Europe, 1750-1950
- Maria ?gren, Rosemarie Fiebranz, Jonas Lindstr?m (Uppsala University): Does Modernity Eclipse the History of Women’s Work? Results from the Gender and Work Project
- Pirjo Markkola& Ann-Cartin ?stman (University of Jyv?skyl? & Aboakademi University): Intersections of Modernity: Rural women in Northern Europe in the 19th century
- Pasi Saarim?ki and Pirita Frigen (University of Jyv?skyl?): Methodological Reflections on Women and Modernity: the case of Finland
- Kirsi-Maria Hyot?nen & Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (University of Jyv?skyl? and University of Helsinki): Women against Modernity?

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 9.00-12.00 AM, Room 5

Panel 9a: ‘New Women’: Transnational perspectives and global political contexts ? part 1
- Noriko Ishii (Sophia University) : Women and mission between the empires
- Febe Pamonag (Western Illinois University): Recipients of American Scholarships for Japanese Women, Late 19th to Early 20th Century
- Kye-hyeong Ki (Hanyang University): Comparison of the ‘New Woman’ of the 1920s in Colonial Korea and Soviet Russia: Quest for modernity
- Sung Eun Kim (Daegu Haany University): Life of Induk Pahk as New Woman and Korean Version of Nora

- Janet Rice McCoy(Morehead State University): Modernity and Mission Schools in China: The Woolston incident

Lunch and informal networking
Friday 28 August, 12-2.00 PM

Friday 28 AUGUST

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 2.00-4.00 PM, Room 1
Panel 10: Domesticity and Family Life: Modern Homes
- Elena Borghi (European University Institute, Florence): A Modern Home? Domestic life and the work of gender within the Nehru household (1900-1930)
- Eleanor Gordon ( University of Glasgow): What’s Love Got to Do with It? Working-class courtship in Scotland, 1880-1939
- Natalia Mitsyuk (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences): Contraception in the Everyday Life of Russian Noblewomen at the Beginning of the 20th Century
- Florence Kyomugisha (California State University-Northridge): Historical Forces Behind the Status of Women in African Urban Society

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 2.00-3.45 PM, Room 2
Panel 9b: ‘New Women’: Transnational perspectives and global political contexts ? part 2
- Jennifer Lynn (Montana State University, Billings): Defining Modernity: Constructing the modern woman in the German illustrated press, 1920-1945
- Nilanjana Bhattacharya (Visva-Bharti University, West Bengal): Editing Modernity: The New Women editors in Bengal and Argentina
- Mary Vanlalthanpui (Calcutta University): The Changing Roles of Church Women
- Pippa Virdee (De Montfort University, Leicester): Great People to Fly With: Pakistan International Airlines, women, and modern Pakistan

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 2.00-3.45 PM, Room 3
Panel 11: Trans-Pacific Subjects and the Modern State
Discussant: Karen Leong (tbc)
- Rumi Yasutake (Konan University, Kobe): Mothering Citizens of Democracy in Hawaii: Women’s politics from a transnational perspective
- Brian Hayashi (Kyoto University): From Mata Hari to Girl Friday: Nisei female agents, Euro-American female handlers, and the Office of Strategic Services during World War II
- Judy Wu (Ohio State University): US Congressional Women’s Tour of China: Patsy Takemoto and women’s Cold War diplomacy

MAIN THEME: Women and Modernity
Friday 28 August, 2.00-3.45 PM, Room 4
Panel 12: Women and Political Modernity
- Dusica Ristivojevic (Academia Sinica,Taipeh): Gender and Political Modernity in China: Chinese women and political autonomy in the 1898 reform period
- Nupur Chaudhuri (Texas Southern University): Some Bengali/Indian women’s Concepts of Nationalism under the British Raj
- Zoriana Melnyk (European University Institute, Florence): Universal Manhood Suffrage and the Emancipation of Women in Austrian Galicia after 1907
- Barbara Molony (Santa Clara University): Gender and the Politics of Modernity in Japan: From the pre- suffrage interwar years to the post-suffrage 1970s

Friday 28 August, 2.00-3.45 PM, Room 5
Panel 3: Everyday Acts of Resistance
- Elaine Farell (Queen’s University, Belfast) : Incorrigible and incurable? Criminal re-offenders in nineteenth-century Ireland
- Katie Witz (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): Not So Docile After All: How Native American girls and women challenged the Indian boarding school system 1879-1934 with everyday acts of resistance
- Krassimira Daskalova (University of Sofia): Fragile Loyalties: A woman politician’s life in Cold War Balkans between state socialism and feminism
- Aisha Bawa (Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokokoto): Islam, Feminism, Identity : A survey of Muslim Organisation FOMWAN in Nigeria

CLOSING WORDS AND IFRWH BUSINESS MEETING (including election of new Officers and Board)
Friday 28 August, 3.45-5.00 PM, Room 1

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