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Greetings from Park Joo (History Education Professor at Catholic University of Daegu), elected as the sixth President of the Korean Association of Women's History(KAWH) at the general meeting of the association in September, 2014.

I have to say that I cannot but feel the burden of responsibility as the president of KAWH representing the women historians of the nation. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Association established in 2004. I give heartfelt thanks to my predecessors, Lee, Bae-yong, the 1st chairperson of the KAWH, Park Jinsook, Chung Hyun-back, Lee, Song-Hee and Kang Young-koung who dedicated themselves to the efforts to up-build the KAWH, and the executive board members who joined their hands in the efforts.

The KAWH has made numerous achievements for the last 10 years, as testified by the eight monthly meetings, summer and winter workshops in a year, participation in the International Congress of Historical Sciences, International Federation for Research in Women’s History, and Women’s World 2005, as well as organization of international research conferences and publication of the journal, Women and History.

I will do my best to further develop the KAWH by continuing to carry out the activities initiated by my predecessors and executive board members of the KAWH during my two-year term of office. I would like to ask your continued and active cooperation and participation. I also hope you will have more academic achievements. Thank you.


October 12, 2014

Park Joo
Sixth Presidet of KAWH

Greetings. Thank you for visiting the Korean Association of Women's History website.

The Korean Association of Women's History(KAWH) was founded in September 2004.

Prof. Lee Baeyong of the Department of History at Ewha Womans University was elected
as the first President of the Association.  It was while preparing for the KAWH that a
Women's History panel was formed for "Women's Worlds 2005: 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women".


That experience made us realize the need for cooperation and networking among

researchers in the field of women's history, so that researchers who formerly worked separately in fields such as Korean History, Western History, and Asian History can share their output. KAWH has produced a large output during its short three year history.  We successfully constituted a panel for Women's Studies for the 2005 conference, and participated not only in the "International Congress of Historical Sciences" and the" International Federation for Research on the History of Women" in 2005, but also in the "International Federation For Research In Women's History" in 2007.  Thus we are

taking an increasingly active interest in international research current issues.


In addition, we domestically have held joint conferences with the Korean Association of
Women's Literature, the Korean Association of Women's Philosophy, as well as open
conferences and a product research projects with the support of state and local government
funding.  We have also begun a monthly colloquium series and workshop, and publish the
journal Women and History biannually.  Through this project the Association hopes that
KAWH will help strengthen the foundation of women's history research as well as articulate
research activities as a space in which researchers can productively communicate.


In succeeding the former president, it is my hope that by continually supporting KAWS

activities and constructing a global network of women's history researchers, KAWS will be able to foster its quantitative and qualitative progress and development as well as contribute to the positioning of women's history in the academic field of Korean history.  research on women's history can contribute to enriched knowledge production in the discipline of history and the popularization of history, while also developing the field of humanities by crossing the
boundaries of traditional historiography.


For these aims, I would like to ask all of you to lend your support interest and encouragement
in the activities of KAWH in its initial stage. Thank you very much.



October 2008

Park Jinsook
Second President, KAWH